Outreachr Blogger Programme Wants to Introduce Bloggers to Premium Advertisers

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London, UK (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Outreachr (launched in March 2012) is the online software which let marketers discover, contact and manage a website or client’s specific blogging target market with one simple list of keyword tags.

Outreachr is now recruiting bloggers to submit their websites to be seen by online marketing agencies who are constantly looking for new bloggers willing to write about their clients.

There is no traffic restriction on who might take part in the blogger recruitment programme. If a website is already making money via the Google Adsense or Affiliate programmes (and a webmaster is looking for additional ways to supplement their monthly income) then Outreachr say that joining the Outreachr Blogger Programme will be easy.

The registration page for the Outreachr Blogger Programme can be found here:

Once a blog is submitted to Outreachr, the editorial team will review it. Any site with a Google penalty (according to the start-up, 15% of the sites currently submitted carry a page rank penalty) will be discarded. The Outreachr team will also look at the editorial quality of the blog to check for originality of content.

After a blog is approved, it goes into the Outreachr network pool where it is visible to registered premium advertisers. The advertisers will purchase a sponsored post (which is an article that a blogger writes for an advertiser, usually with a keyword and do-follow URL added). The blogger creates a post mentioning the advertiser’s products and services and then posts the article on their blog. Each advertiser has his or her own requirements (i.e. word count, links, etc.) Some advertisers may ask for the inclusion of disclosure badges while others may ask for site-wide disclosures.

The Outreachr network is a peer to peer outreach environment, where bloggers and advertisers can get together and decide if they are the right fit for each other. Here are some of the key benefits:

    Webmasters earn cash by writing honest posts about an advertiser’s products or services
     Posts can be written in the writer’s own tone and style, and geared to their audience’s interest
    Bloggers can charge as much or as little as they wish and receive this full amount
    Payment is made via Paypal as soon as a post is live
    Bloggers can submit as many sites as they wish
    All languages are supported

It is free and extremely easy to sign up. Outreachr say that bloggers have nothing to lose, that there are no risks involved and they are always in charge of what they do or don’t want to publish.

The most beneficial aspect is that not only do marketers earn money, but by writing fresh content they will be improving their blog’s rating. Adding quality content is the key to earning higher amounts in the Outreachr Blogger Programme.

defense international isis Military & Defense Politics

Many Of The Military’s Top Leaders Can’t Stand The Retired General Leading The Anti-ISIS Coalition

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john allen


Gen. John Allen

One would think a man with four stars on his collar leading U.S. forces in Afghanistan just one year ago would have no problem working with military leadership in the fight against militants of the so-called Islamic State at present.

But for retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who was appointed by President Obama in September as special envoy to lead the global coalition to counter the militant group, that calculus has been wrong.

Gen. Lloyd Austin


Gen. Lloyd Austin

An article posted at Foreign Policy on Thursday by Mark Perry lists a surprising number of detractors to Allen’s appointment, including many in and out of uniform. The most obvious rift comes from Gen. Lloyd Austin, the man in charge of Central Command, tasked with carrying out the military plan to “degrade and destroy” ISIL, the administration’s preferred acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

“Why the hell do we need a special envoy — isn’t that what [Secretary of State] John Kerry’s for?” a senior officer close to Austin told Perry, of the potential for confusion since Gen. Allen reports directly to President Obama.

Allen, 60, was given an incredibly difficult task upon his appointment. With the Islamic State consuming much of Iraq and Syria and boasting roughly 31,000 fighters, his role as special envoy is to “help build and sustain the coalition,” and coordinate their efforts, according to the State Department.

But Allen — now inside the State Department and no longer wearing military rank — commands a role not very far outside the scope of duties of Gen. Austin at Centcom, who is charged with overseeing relationships, offering military support, and carrying out operations when necessary in 20 Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq and Syria.



Indeed, Gen. James Mattis — the commander before Austin at Centcom — demonstrated a perfect example of the military’s ability to build coalitions without outside support, in retelling how he got 29 nations together to counter Iran’s attempt to mine the Strait of Hormuz.

“The military overseas can do more than simply reinforce foreign policy,” Mattis said earlier this year. “We can also buy time for the diplomats to do their magic.”

It became apparent after only a few days of Allen’s appointment that a turf war had emerged.

Via Foreign Policy:

When Allen requested that the Pentagon provide him with air transport to the region just days before his scheduled arrival in Iraq on Oct. 2, he was turned down by Austin’s staff, who told him to check with the State Department. It was a slight “that left Allen steaming,” a former high-level civilian Pentagon official confirmed.

Even Gen. Anthony Zinni — himself a former Centcom commander who later served as special envoy to Israel for peace talks in 2002 — was critical of Allen’s appointment (via The Tampa Tribune):

“John Allen is a great guy, but does it take a retired general to coordinate a coalition? What is Centcom, chopped liver? Did Norman Schwarzkopf get some retired general? Who is really leading here, that is my question.”

And there are many more gripes noted by military officers who spoke on condition of anonymity to Foreign Policy. One derides Allen as “a boy scout.” Another, noting his new role as a quasi-diplomat though he’s never been one, said “I don’t know how that’s going to work.”

For many of the military’s top leaders it seems, having a retired general like Allen outside of the military chain-of-command reporting to Obama is a sign of White House “micromanagement.” It also offers the possibility of conflicting messages between State and the Pentagon in the fight against ISIL.

“We are getting a lot of micromanagement from the White House. Basic decisions that should take hours are taking days sometimes,” one senior defense official told The Daily Beast.

But perhaps the most devastating critique comes from one of the tribal leaders that US forces need to support in pushing back the Islamic State. As militants battled for control of the home town of Jalal al-Gaood in Iraq’s Anbar province, the man desperately tried to reach Allen to ask for assistance, but it was too late.

“Gen. Allen said, ‘I will put you in touch with someone in Centcom.’ But it never happened,” Gaood told The Washington Post’s David Ignatius. “Every time the Iraqis meet with Americans, they just take notes.”

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These cookies are so beautifully decorated that it’s wrong to eat them

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These cookies are so beautifully decorated that it's wrong to eat them

Even though all cookies should be eaten so more cookies will be made to be eaten, I would feel so guilty if I ate any of these cookies made by SweetAmbsCookie. They are a work of art. The painstaking detail and beautiful decorations are unreal. You wouldn't want to eat a painting made by Picasso, right?



The Search Monitor Launches Holiday Ad Monitoring Bundle For Retailers

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Orlando, FL (PRWEB) October 27, 2014

The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released its new holiday ad monitoring bundle for retailers.

The new competitive intelligence tool combines the five most essential ad monitoring tools for the holidays:

1. Offer Monitoring: Learn from competitors’ offers & quickly remove unauthorized offers

2. Price Monitoring: Provide a list of SKUs to see competitive prices for your products

3. Organic Monitoring: Monitor competitors’ organic listings for multiple engines/geographies

4. PLA Monitoring: See the brands and retailers appearing with you and adjust ads accordingly

5. MAP Compliance: Identify Minimum Advertised Price violations and unauthorized re-sellers

“These five services give retail advertisers both a broad and detailed view of competitive holiday advertising,” explained The Search Monitor’s CEO, Lori Weiman. “Retailers can learn exactly how competitors are driving sales through offers, prices, SEO, and PLAs. As a bonus, manufacturers can make sure retailers are complying with their minimum advertised prices (MAP).”

The new service from The Search Monitor was designed specifically for retailers with little free time for new technology in Q4.

“The ad monitoring bundle focuses on customization, scheduling, and automatic alerts,” added Weiman. “Retailers enter a list of products, SKUs, or keywords, and we make sure that they–or their clients—are automatically notified of changes to competitive offers, prices, PLAs, and SEO–when they happen. It couldn’t be easier.”

To learn more about the Holiday Ad Monitoring Bundle or SEM trends impacting retail advertisers in Q4, please visit The Search Monitor.

About The Search Monitor

The Search Monitor captures advertising activity on paid search, organic search, social media, mobile search, and shopping engines worldwide for brand and affiliate compliance, and competitive intelligence. Interactive agencies, search marketers, and affiliate marketers use The Search Monitor to gather and analyze competitive information more effectively. To learn more, please visit


How To Remember Your Dreams

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China Wobbled Again

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China’s manufacturing PMI missed expectations, coming in at 50.8 rather than 51.1.

This is also down from September’s read of 51.2.

Remember that any number lower than 50 in this metric suggests a contracting economy.

So this is bad.

What people watching the China slow down have been hoping for is some consistancy here.

In August PMI got walloped along with a whole host of other economic indicators. That was a warning to the government that China’s economic landing was getting rough, and so they responded with some capital injections — nothing major — to keep cash moving through the economy as demand slowed.

In September, numbers came in a little rosier. There was a bit of a sigh of relief.

This October PMI number will have everyone on edge again.

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The Second Languages Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic

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The website is a resource for people looking to move abroad.

They’ve released this eye-opening infographic that shows the second language of every region across the globe. Some are rather predictable, such as Canada’s knowledge of French. 

But others are very telling about the histories of certain regions and how our global story has played out over hundreds of years.

Take a look at what they’ve compiled:


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This One Feature Might Be The Best Reason To Use BlackBerry’s Messaging App

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BBM, BlackBerry’s messaging app, updated on Friday and brought along with it a bevy of new features. 

Among them, though, is something everyone probably wishes they had: the ability to unsend a message. 

BlackBerry calls it “Message Retraction,” which lets you remove a message from the chat both before the other person can see it, and even after the message has been read. 

BlackBerry does note, however, that this doesn’t mean people can’t take a screenshot of the conversation. So sender beware. 

That’s not the only cool update. BBM now also has a Snapchat-esque feature, called “Timed Messages,” which lets you set a time limit for your messages. There’s also a new sticker picker, which lets you quickly send stickers to your friends; high-quality picture transfer; and “Discover Music,” which lets you see what music your friends are listening to.

According to BlackBerry, Timed Messages and Message Retraction will be free and unrestricted for the next three months. After that, the two features will be bundled together with other “premium” features, and will be offered as part of a BBM subscription.

That makes sense for BlackBerry, which needs to find revenue somewhere other than smartphone sales, PC World notes. The company reported in September that there are 91 million active BBM users, which was up from 85 million the prior quarter. 

But there seems to be at least one person out there making sure that the company stays afloat. Kim Kardashian recently told Re/code’s Kara Swisher that she’s so addicted to BlackBerry, she buys one whenever she can because she’s “afraid they’ll go extinct.”

BBM is available for iOS, Android, and, of course, BlackBerry

The video below gives you a better idea of how Message Retraction works:

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Natural Products Association (NPA) Announces Affiliate Partnership with Award-Winning Bicoastal PR Firm, Marketing Maven

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

The Natural Products Association (NPA) is pleased to welcome integrated marketing and PR firm, Marketing Maven as an Affiliate Partner. Through this partnership, Marketing Maven will offer fellow NPA members special discounted rates on marketing and public relations services.

NPA members will receive a 50 percent discount on Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press releases and formal media press kits. The special discounted rate on SEO press releases drafted by a Marketing Maven copywriter includes embedded backlinks for keywords or key phrases related to the client’s brand or services, national wire distribution and press release reporting. Supporting reputation management and organic search engine rankings, press releases by Marketing Maven will help NPA members to announce and publicize company news including new product launches, new hires, and advancements in product development.

The members-only discounted rate on formal media press kits includes copywriting, graphic design, and a dedicated brand strategist. Marketing Maven specializes in creating press kits for clients in the natural products industry. Press kits are a valuable asset for companies to convey their messaging directly to media while solidifying their brand in their niche markets.

“We are thrilled to be supporting the leading non-profit organization in the natural products industry,” said Lindsey Carnett, Marketing Maven CEO and president. “We are looking forward to offering our services to members of the Natural Products Association to help them with their branding, marketing and public relations needs.”

Marketing Maven is an integrated marketing firm serving the marketing, branding, publicity and social media needs of retailers, service providers, finished product manufacturers and ingredient suppliers in the natural products industry. The firm specializes in supplements, natural foods, beauty, pet and functional foods and beverages categories.

For more information about Marketing Maven’s integrated marketing solutions and the services the company provides, please visit

About Marketing Maven

Marketing Maven is an integrated marketing firm focusing on public relations, Hispanic marketing, and social media marketing for nutraceuticals, ingredients, natural products and retailers. Unlike most public relations firms, Marketing Maven helps companies grow their businesses by utilizing advanced metrics to measure ROI. The Marketing Maven team understands the moving pieces that make up the foundation of any company selling business to consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B). Their services aid national marketing campaigns and product launches with reputation management, crisis management plans, media training, organic SEO tracking, competitive analysis reports and online product reviews to help increase revenue and merit capital from investors. Visit for more information.

About the Natural Products Association

The Natural Products Association (NPA) is the trade association representing the entire natural products industry. We advocate for our members who supply, manufacture and sell natural ingredients or products for consumers. The Natural Products Association promotes good manufacturing practices as part of the growth and success of the industry. Founded in 1936, NPA represents over 2,000 members accounting for more than 10,000 locations of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of natural products, including foods, dietary supplements, and health/beauty aids. Visit

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